Your nontraditional admissions team could be converting more inquiries and applications into enrollments.

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In today’s hyper-competitive nontraditional higher ed market, every enrollment counts. It takes a unique set of skills to effectively enroll busy adult students who have multiple responsibilities outside of the classroom. Admissions professionals must truly understand the needs of nontraditional learners and build relationships that allow for genuine engagement. To do this well, they need to learn and consistently practice a proactive recruiting process that focuses on building trust, asking the right questions, and using the knowledge learned to move prospects forward.

Our training program.

  • Developed by a team that specializes in nontraditional marketing and recruitment
  • Customized for our clients’ needs and the experience level of participants
  • Multi-day sessions take a deep dive into proactive recruitment 
  • Tools and resources can be implemented immediately
  • Training includes individual and group exercises to put concepts into practice
  • Ongoing regularly scheduled professional development sessions include facilitated discussion, skills exercises, group activities, and presentations

Our results.

100% of our clients have reported increased staff morale and effectiveness — and, most importantly, higher conversion rates of applications and enrollments.

We are proud of these results, but don’t just take our word for it.

Hear what a few of our clients have to say:  

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Our training program delivers results that matter—higher conversion rates and a highly engaged admissions team. 

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