Leading a nontrad admissions department requires making many different kinds of investments. To attract prospective adult learners, your institution devotes money and resources to marketing and advertising, academic innovation, partnerships, technology, and more. In turn, admissions professionals invest their time, energy, and talent into the success of your institution and its degree programs. With this in mind, an important question is—have you made investments in your admissions staff?

When you allocate resources for your team’s professional development, you are investing in the future of your institution. Below, we offer 5 reasons why focusing on the growth of your admissions staff is good for them, for you, and for enrollments.

Increases employee satisfaction.

Investing in your admissions team results in higher morale and happier employees who are more invested in the success of your institution, and who are ultimately more loyal. This leads to increased retention, which means you’ll spend less time and resources on staff turnover.

Attracts top talent.

While you may not need a large bench if you are investing in your current team, it’s always good to be the place where people want to work. Word of mouth is powerful and your happy team members who boast about their job satisfaction will make it easier for you to locate top talent if the time comes that you need to hire new staff.

Creates future leaders.

Focusing on your team’s professional development assists in creating leaders who can coach others and lead the team in your absence, which builds succession plans for your department. Additionally, employees who are interested in future leadership opportunities at your institution will be more committed to their professional growth and your department’s enrollment goals.

Fulfills you as a leader.

Investing in your team can result in a more rewarding leadership role for you. Not only is it important for your team to be happy, it is equally as important for you to feel that same sense of job satisfaction. The positive energy you exhibit will ultimately transfer right back to your team. You’ve probably heard the saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” and leaders who have happier, more productive teams tend to have fuller cups.

Leads to more conversions.

Centering on your team’s professional development builds proactive recruitment skills that encourage engaging, more effective relationships with prospective students—ultimately leading to more conversions. And, higher conversions equals happier employees—thus positively compounding morale and results.

The takeaway.

Invest in your team. Your staff will thank you with a positive work environment, stronger loyalty, and more enrollments. Focusing on your team’s professional development is a win-win for everyone—them, you, and your prospective students. With the right training and strategic focus on morale, you can create an admissions team that is unstoppable.

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